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Panoramic City Tour Visit the South of Cuenca

Vanservice offers the panoramic City Tour service in double-decker buses, if you visit Cuenca, Athens of Ecuador, you cannot miss the panoramic double-decker bus, it is a unique sensation, the panoramic double-decker buses go through the most tourist places. important of the city of Cuenca, the tour is led by a professional bilingual guide (Spanish-English) who will help explain and inform about the history and traditions of the city.
In the panoramic double-decker bus you will be able to appreciate the roofs, balconies, gardens, museums, churches, monuments and other tourist places of the city of Cuenca in a different way. Now you can visit the northern part and the southern part of the city using our two routes, North Basin and South Basin, in addition the tickets have a duration of 24 hours, in which the tourist can get on and off at certain stops during this period and We offer you a free digital photo as a reminder of your visit.

Panoramic City Tour Visit the South of Cuenca
Panoramic City Tour Visit the South of Cuenca


• Calderón Park
• Street Bolivar
• San Sebastián Park
• Plaza del Otorongo
• Museum of the hat
• Long street
• Ruins of Pumapungo
• Central bank
• Pumapungo Museum
• Av. Huayna Cápac
• Av. April 12
• Broken bridge
• Church of El Vergel
• Ruins of Pumapungo
• Av. Solano
• University of Cuenca
• Colegio Benigno Malo
• Three bridges
• Turi viewpoint
• Mall del rio
• Av. Loja
• Calderón Park.


From Monday to Saturday:
10h00 11h00 12h00 14h00 15h00 16h00 17h00 18h00 19h00
09h00 10h00 11h00 12h00 13h00 14h00 15h00 16h00
Duration: 1 hour 45 min.
Price: Adults $ 5.00 Children $ 3.00 * Only for reactivation time


Transportation and bilingual guide.

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